Hypnotherapy explained

Hypnosis is a well recognised psychotherapeutic technique and has been used since the 19th. Century to treat a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional problems.  Hypnosis uses the state of trance which is a focused, calm awareness.  We move in and out of trance states naturally and on a daily basis, for example, when we find ourselves absorbed in a good book or television programme.

Although I will use my skill and knowledge to guide you into a trance, it’s you that takes yourself there.  Unless you have insomnia, you’re already good at doing just that - when you are lying comfy in bed, feeling nicely at ease and just about to drift into sleep.  The difference is that during hypnosis, you don't fall asleep, you just wonderfully relax.  

During trance, clients tap into inner resources, speaking directly to their unconscious mind (the source of many difficulties).  This access enables them to make the changes that their logical, conscious minds previously found so difficult.  

For more information see “What to Expect” or “Choosing a Hypnotherapist”.