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Terms and Fees

I’m happy to have a brief, no obligation, phone or email discussion as to whether hypnotherapy could help you, your child or teen with the sorts of changes you or they wish to make. If you decide to go ahead, I will offer a thorough Assessment session during which I will gather more in-depth information and discuss with you the potential ways forward using hypnotherapy.

Each person and the context of their problem is different. Sometimes, the desired change can occur after just one or two sessions and more complex areas may require up to six.  You can be assured that I will not extend therapy beyond that required for change.  Change will also depend on your commitment.  

If you or your child have a health issue, you are advised to consult your GP for diagnosis. Hypnotherapy can often provide a useful addition so you might like to discuss this with them as an option.

Fees are payable at each session either by cheque or cash.